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Shield Takes Proactive Approach to Concussions

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By Kim Goggins

GRAVENHURST - For the second season, the South Muskoka Shield is taking an innovative approach to dealing with concussions among its team members.

The team is working in conjunction with the SportLab in Huntsville and its owner, Lowell Greib, a naturopathic doctor, to establish a sport standard for the assessment and treatment of concussions.

“The problem that occurs (with concussions) is that the proper assessment is often difficult because the players, or anyone with a concussion, may say, ‘I know something’s wrong but I seem OK,’” explained PJ Drouillard, co-owner of the Junior A team. “With our assessment abilities increasing in this program and developing a how to assess people properly and do follow-up treatment, it is essentially going to determine whether we are going to take someone to a hospital and monitor them but also to give follow up with those people and give different testing to see if they’re ready to go back and play.”

According to statistics released by the SportLab, approximately 36,000 minor hockey players in Ontario suffer concussions annually and it’s estimated that half of concussions go undiagnosed or unreported.

“The big three sports for concussion in our region would be hockey, basketball and soccer,” said Greib. “These sports are fairly high when you start to compare them to others.”

Through the SportLab, each member of the Shield hockey team has been given a baseline test so if something does happen, there is a measurable standard to tell if something is not quite right.

“They refer their player to us and then we go through a bunch of diagnostic testing, which is part of the program,” explained Greib. “But because we’ve done some baseline testing with them we know what a norm is for them on these diagnostic tests. Then, we can compare their norm to where they are after an injury to define whether there is a suspected concussion or not.”

This information can determine if a player needs to be taken to hospital and will also be forwarded to the player’s physician. If the player does not have a doctor, management of care can be carried out at the SportLab.

Baseline testing is only a small piece of the program. Education of each stakeholder — parents, billet families, coaches, trainers, players — is also necessary.

“If everybody’s not on the same page then we end up spinning our wheels in terms of having effective care,” said Greib.

The program also allows for the team to be proactive in its approach to concussions, added Drouillard.

“This is something that is showing a very legitimate concern for our players’ safety and their health and is doing something proactively to help prevent and also to treat it if something were to come up.”


Shield Start season 2-2

​Your South Muskoka Shield begin the season sitting the middle of the league standings with a .500 record. The Shield dropped their first game of the season to the Lynx 5-2. Despite the loss Coach Demasi was happy with the teams play. "It was our first game while the Lynx came in playing their 3rd. Our guys have yet to gel and that was obvious on our penalty kill which allowed 3 goals. I thought 5 on 5 we did a good job. The work ethic and positive attitude was there and we did a lot of good things with the puck and away from it".

​The next evening saw the Shield host the Huskies and the boys came on top with a 6-3 win. Coach Demasi was once again pleased with the effort. "The guys worked hard in all 3 zones of the ice and it paid off with 6 goals​. Our PK was much better and I feel we carried the majority of the game".

Sunday evening the boys travelled to Bradford to play their third game in three nights. Although another strong effort your Shield fell short 4-2, with an empty net goal. "Once again the effort and positive attitude where there for us. We ran into a hot goalie in Bradford and 2 turnovers were the difference. But all in all we played well especially being our third game in three nights. The boys deserve a lot of credit. We have a very young team and despite their experience, their work ethic and dedication is strong. We will need to beat teams with solid defensive play and try to outwork our opponents. We have laid the foundation, now we will build upon it."

The boys were back home Friday evening to host the Wiarton Schooners and made easy work or their opponents beating them 19-1. 

​The Shield's next home game is Friday, September 29 vs the Bradford Rattlers. Puck drop is 8:30 pm


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